Thursday, April 24, 2008

Should I try to get an intern for my job opening or hire an employee?

That depends, how long does the position need to be filled for? If you bring on an intern you may still have to pay them so it really depends on how long the position will be open. If the position is permanent rather than part time, you might want to try to find a part time person who wants to work part time and plan on keeping them in that position on a permanent basis.

The biggest challenge with bringing on interns when you have a permanent part time position you are try to fill is you will have to train each new intern you bring aboard. Most interns are trying to get different types of job experience so they won’t plan on staying with your company too long, they want to get that experience, master it, and then move on to another company for different experiences.

The permanent part time worker is not interested in working full time so your goals in this case probably align better.

Either way you go, be sure you are up front with the people so they know exactly what your plans are for the position. You might also find the article “How do I get an intern for my business?” to be helpful too.

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