Friday, March 15, 2013

Tips for Training New Employees

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes there is a need to hire a new employee, and then that employee must be trained in their position and given the tools they need to learn their job. Of course, you can’t watch them every second or always be available to answer their questions. So how can you effectively train new employees and still have time to do what you need to do?

First, it is important to immerse them into the culture of your business. They should be involved with new ideas, collaboration, and problem solving in a setting where it’s ok to make mistakes and advance some new thoughts. The person training the new employee (s) should remain relaxed and clearly explain why they are learning each thing they are being taught. Negativity should stay out of the learning process and instead the focus should be on positive feedback and rewarding new achievements.

The learning should be personalized for each new employee. Companies are moving towards assigning mentors for each individual and help them build solid relationships while serving as an outlet for advice and information. Employee training should also be segmented, allowing them to master one skill at a time. This will help them to gain confidence. Finally, learning should be a continuous thing, not limited to new employees. There should be training refreshers and opportunities to learn new skills for all employees—the rate of change in the business world means there is always a need to learn new skills.

Other tips to keep in mind is to make sure employees know where everything is, including the coffee maker, lunch area, and restrooms and to offer to eat lunch with the new hire or set them up with someone who will to make them feel welcome. Following these tips will make the transition easier for the employee and yourself. Make it happen!

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