Monday, February 25, 2008

How to shorten the cab line in Vegas?

I just flew into Vegas and although someone picked me up, I know of a way to get in a cab faster on busy nights. All you do is go down to baggage claim and when you see one of the sky caps walking around asking people if they want help with their bags, wave one of them over. Even if you only have a small bag, once they come over ask them if they can get you in a “shorter cab line.”
When they say yes, ask them if $10 will cover it? If you have more that one person and a couple of bags it probably won’t be enough. Don’t be surprised if it takes a $20 to do it, especially on a busy night. Believe me on a busy night it’s worth it! Enjoy your trip!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Should I get a MySpace page for my company?

For most businesses the answer is no. If you’re target market and current customers are all under 30 it may be a good idea but chances are most businesses will not benefit from a MySpace page.

Why not? If your business creates a MySpace page, most likely you are doing this to expose your products & services to the public and eventually obtain new customers. To generate interest in your site you’ll need to invite people to be your “friends”. As you invite people to be a part of your page any searches for your company will now start to appear with the “quotes or notes” that your new friends have left on your site.

Imagine someone searching out your company online, they enter “ACME Pluming Supply Denver, CO” and here is what comes up:

· “Acme plumbing supply…..Me and Suzy wanna party and we like staying up all night long texting our friends in Amarillo.”

· “Acme plumbing …..Party at Pure Saturday night and bring all the fine women you can find!!!!

You get the picture. When you have a MySpace page the crawlers from search engines pick up your company name and you have no control what else they pick up with it. Be very clear who your audience is and who you are trying to get as customers before you decide to get a MySpace page. Whichever way you decide to go, Make it happen!

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Is your phone voice running off customers?

Most people answer no right off the bat.

Have you ever spoken to anyone on the phone and their voice was so loud that you had to pull your phone away from your head? Did you say something to them about how loud their voice was? Probably not. Most people don’t know how to ask someone to “pull away from the phone a bit” or “can you move your headset a little further from your head?”

Instead you just irritatingly complete the call as fast as possible and hope the person doesn’t call you back again any time soon. If they do, you just try to get off the phone as soon as possible. If your potential customers feel this way about talking to you, you’ll end up losing business over it. Call someone you know that will really tell you the truth about something like this and ask them how your voice sounds both on your cell phone and on your office/home phone. Is it too loud? Can you always hear background noise?

Take the time to find out how your voice is coming across on the phone and make any modifications you need to. Most phones and headsets have adjustments that can be made to reduce background noise and the volume of your voice. Eliminate a loud phone voice from being a potential customer-runner-offer. Make it happen!

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