Friday, February 8, 2008

Is your phone voice running off customers?

Most people answer no right off the bat.

Have you ever spoken to anyone on the phone and their voice was so loud that you had to pull your phone away from your head? Did you say something to them about how loud their voice was? Probably not. Most people don’t know how to ask someone to “pull away from the phone a bit” or “can you move your headset a little further from your head?”

Instead you just irritatingly complete the call as fast as possible and hope the person doesn’t call you back again any time soon. If they do, you just try to get off the phone as soon as possible. If your potential customers feel this way about talking to you, you’ll end up losing business over it. Call someone you know that will really tell you the truth about something like this and ask them how your voice sounds both on your cell phone and on your office/home phone. Is it too loud? Can you always hear background noise?

Take the time to find out how your voice is coming across on the phone and make any modifications you need to. Most phones and headsets have adjustments that can be made to reduce background noise and the volume of your voice. Eliminate a loud phone voice from being a potential customer-runner-offer. Make it happen!

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Anonymous said...

My "morning voice mumble" is my most difficult. I usually need to work thru several cups of coffee before I lose the mumble.

To make matters more difficult, I have the opposite need than what you describe, some of my clients are hard of hearing to start with, being in their senior years, and I NEED to be loud and clear for their ears, ... or they feel awkward asking me to repeat my words for them.

Emarketing 4 Business said...

For your "morning voice mumble" you should take some deep breaths, clear your throat, and then answer the phone. I find standing up is the best way to open the throat to make those mumbles sound clear.

While speaking to your customers, start smiling when you are talking on the phone. Put a mirror on your desk and make sure that you are always smiling. If you start getting flustered because you are repeating yourself. This will make sure your clients don't hear the frustration in your voice.