Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tech Mistakes Small Businesses Make

The era when it was not important to be tech-savvy has come to an end. It’s just important to be smart about IT as it is to be smart about what you do in your business.  You want to appear reliable and ahead of the game to your customers. Don’t make these tech mistakes in the meantime.

Looking small online: Look big, not small online. If you have a great looking website that works well and is easy to use, that’s a big part of it. Have a large web presence with a blog, discussion forum, and social media pages. Making a big splash on the internet opens up a word of opportunity.

Overlooking computer security: Make sure you have adequate security software and policies that employees should follow. Of course, you’ll want high quality virus protection software, but there’s more to it than that. You need a system for protecting your data, customer lists, account numbers, passwords, and contracts. You also need to let employees know how to handle laptops, how to properly download software updates, and how to secure their smart phones. Educating your team on these procedures is your first line of defense against any security issues.

Not backing up information: Schedule time to regularly back up your data. Enforce how important it is for the team to back up all their work because computers can malfunction, programs can crash, and you don’t want them to lose hours or days worth of work. You can do this manually or with an online service, but the important thing is that it is done regularly.

Lack of reputation management: Keep an eye on your online reputation. What are people tweeting about you? What do review sites such as Yelp say about you? If you don’t know, you could be overlooking some of the negative, and that’s a huge mistake. Set up alerts on sites like Google Plus so you can take down bad “tweets” or reviews if you have to.
Be smart about handling technology issues and if you avoid mistakes, that will contribute to your success. Make it happen!

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