Monday, March 8, 2010

Is changing your website Killing you?

We get lots of calls from people who are absolutely frustrated with the company they bought their website from. They purchase a website from a website building company and then they pull out their hair trying to make changes to the site. That’s because most website builders are not business people or content creators...they are website builders. They don’t know what a small business person goes through and how frustrating it can be trying to make changes to a website or get customer service on a website you bought.

That’s why we make all of our websites at eMarketing 4 Business with the small business owner in mind. We know they will want to make changes to their website every now and then and we have an easy to use interface and tool so they can make changes. But if the small business owner needs our help we will make the changes for them.

We are here for the small business owner, we answer our phones and best of all, we get you results!

Call us to find out how we can get you your own website or how we can help you with your current website. Please call Vince at: 262.513.5220 for a free consultation.

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