Thursday, April 24, 2008

Should I try to get an intern for my job opening or hire an employee?

That depends, how long does the position need to be filled for? If you bring on an intern you may still have to pay them so it really depends on how long the position will be open. If the position is permanent rather than part time, you might want to try to find a part time person who wants to work part time and plan on keeping them in that position on a permanent basis.

The biggest challenge with bringing on interns when you have a permanent part time position you are try to fill is you will have to train each new intern you bring aboard. Most interns are trying to get different types of job experience so they won’t plan on staying with your company too long, they want to get that experience, master it, and then move on to another company for different experiences.

The permanent part time worker is not interested in working full time so your goals in this case probably align better.

Either way you go, be sure you are up front with the people so they know exactly what your plans are for the position. You might also find the article “How do I get an intern for my business?” to be helpful too.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Are you being realistic?

People say it all the time; “Come on, be realistic.” Whose reality are we talking about anyway? I’ve found over the years that the people who say things like “you aren’t being realistic” are usually people who aren’t doers. Nine times out of ten they are talkers. The people who don’t set goals, who don’t write anything down and don’t step outside of their little boundaries they have set for themselves.

Hey, I’m not knocking people that live that way, if it works for them more power to them, but don’t push your lack of stepping outside your comfort zone on me or other champions out there working hard to make things happen just because you don’t see our actions necessary!

That being said, you must ask yourself every now and then; am I being realistic? The best way to check yourself on this is to take a look at the last 3 or 4 goals you set, you know the ones, where others may have said were unrealistic and ask yourself, did I hit them? Were they realistic? If they were, keep setting those stretch goals and keep hitting them!

If they weren’t, you’ll want to make some adjustments. That doesn’t mean you stop setting tougher goals, it just means you may need to adjust them so they are more reachable. Believe me, if you’re setting goals and hitting them you’re building a goal achievement muscle that not many other people have. People that think your goals are unrealistic probably don’t even know there is actually a goal setting muscle to develop! Many times people don’t want you setting and achieving goals because it makes them feel guilty that they don’t do it.

Don’t stop! Keep setting goals and achieving them even if it means being “unrealistic” in the eyes of some people. It’s that kind of goal setting and dreaming that will keep you moving forward and enjoying the journey more! Make it happen!

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Should I hire friends or family members to work for me?

As a matter of practice, no. There are special circumstances sometimes, usually tied to confidentially or trust regarding sensitive issues or it may be a family business. If you must do it, lay things out in writing and be very clear about expectations, responsibilities, accountability, work hours, compensation, results and the time period for the job. Whether you’re sure about bringing on a family member or not, do it on a part time basis for a specified period of time and DO IT IN WRITING and both of you sign it.

If you have it in writing and you want to extend the time, you can. If you don’t put it in writing it’s going to be tough to let that person go. Even the second time around put everything in writing and do it for a specified period of time again. If it worked the first time in writing why mess with a good thing!

Keep in mind if you have job openings and you hire one friend or family member you’ll run the risk of others asking “why can’t you hire me, you hired Billy/Suzie?” That’s why it’s best to keep family personal and hire other people to work at your business. If you’re going to do it, put it in writing and make for a specified period of time! Either way you go, make it happen!

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Do I need to send out thank you cards?

This one is more about personal preference than anything else. Some people I know will swear by them and they send out a thank you card with each sale. Other business professionals will send out thank you emails versus cards.

If your business sends email receipts/invoices to your customers then take this time to say thank you. Not only with this will save on postage but it will eliminate the extra step of sending out an actual thank you card.

If you feel compelled to send them out something in the future, send a birthday note, reorder reminder or holiday card. Whatever you decide to do, keep consistent. Make it happen!

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