Thursday, April 10, 2008

Should I hire friends or family members to work for me?

As a matter of practice, no. There are special circumstances sometimes, usually tied to confidentially or trust regarding sensitive issues or it may be a family business. If you must do it, lay things out in writing and be very clear about expectations, responsibilities, accountability, work hours, compensation, results and the time period for the job. Whether you’re sure about bringing on a family member or not, do it on a part time basis for a specified period of time and DO IT IN WRITING and both of you sign it.

If you have it in writing and you want to extend the time, you can. If you don’t put it in writing it’s going to be tough to let that person go. Even the second time around put everything in writing and do it for a specified period of time again. If it worked the first time in writing why mess with a good thing!

Keep in mind if you have job openings and you hire one friend or family member you’ll run the risk of others asking “why can’t you hire me, you hired Billy/Suzie?” That’s why it’s best to keep family personal and hire other people to work at your business. If you’re going to do it, put it in writing and make for a specified period of time! Either way you go, make it happen!

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