Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Are you being realistic?

People say it all the time; “Come on, be realistic.” Whose reality are we talking about anyway? I’ve found over the years that the people who say things like “you aren’t being realistic” are usually people who aren’t doers. Nine times out of ten they are talkers. The people who don’t set goals, who don’t write anything down and don’t step outside of their little boundaries they have set for themselves.

Hey, I’m not knocking people that live that way, if it works for them more power to them, but don’t push your lack of stepping outside your comfort zone on me or other champions out there working hard to make things happen just because you don’t see our actions necessary!

That being said, you must ask yourself every now and then; am I being realistic? The best way to check yourself on this is to take a look at the last 3 or 4 goals you set, you know the ones, where others may have said were unrealistic and ask yourself, did I hit them? Were they realistic? If they were, keep setting those stretch goals and keep hitting them!

If they weren’t, you’ll want to make some adjustments. That doesn’t mean you stop setting tougher goals, it just means you may need to adjust them so they are more reachable. Believe me, if you’re setting goals and hitting them you’re building a goal achievement muscle that not many other people have. People that think your goals are unrealistic probably don’t even know there is actually a goal setting muscle to develop! Many times people don’t want you setting and achieving goals because it makes them feel guilty that they don’t do it.

Don’t stop! Keep setting goals and achieving them even if it means being “unrealistic” in the eyes of some people. It’s that kind of goal setting and dreaming that will keep you moving forward and enjoying the journey more! Make it happen!

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