Sunday, January 18, 2009

My business needs money, should I get it from my home equity line if credit?

That is a tough question. First off, can you accelerate some of your accounts receivable accounts to get more cash flowing? If not, you can also try to send out your invoices faster and try reducing the timeframe for paying them to 15 days from 30.

Also, if you have some jobs pending out there you might tell the prospects you have an opening now and you may be able to reduce your bid to start a little sooner.

If all these suggestions still leave you tight on cash and you need a loan, taking it from your homes line of credit is certainly the easiest way to go but be careful…. If you’re planning on selling your house any time soon make sure the market hasn’t changed in your area and be sure you could sell the house with your current equity position, especially after you take the loan.

If you’re not sure on this one it might be a good idea to get a loan from your banker or a credit union. Credit unions usually have more less strict qualification guidelines and they may also have a lower interest rate than your bank.

If all else fails and you need the dough, your credit line may be the only alternative. Be careful and don’t take more than you need. Turn up your marketing efforts and try to get more business in the door!

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