Thursday, October 17, 2013

What Services Should I Outsource?

As a small business that is continually growing, it’s important to focus on the core services and products that make your business a success as well as the functions that best serve your employees. When new challenges arise and increased business comes into play, it may be best to consider outsourcing some of your tasks. If you’re a fairly new business owner, or you’ve never outsourced before, you may be wondering: What services should I outsource? Here are a few suggestions.

You can try subcontracting some of your marketing efforts. Marketing fuels small businesses because they tie in directly to sales results. But if you already have an extensive client base, focusing on current business may be more than enough to keep you very busy. This is where a public relations specialist or consultant can step in. You can find individuals who can focus on developing PDFs and flyers which customers can download from your website, conducting email campaigns, or social media networking. As you gain more employees, it can grow tougher to manage your own payroll. Unless you have an extensive accounting department, you don’t have to do your own payroll. Outsourcing this service will ensure you properly pay taxes and you can stop worrying about uncertain situations such as workmen’s compensation.  Finally, you may want to outsource your administrative support. Virtual assistants are a cost effective way to handle routine tasks in a business. Utilize this position for email and voicemail management, blog maintenance, invoicing, and other such tasks.

All of these are great ideas for reducing your internal workload while increasing company productivity. Surely you can think of other tasks that could be outsourced, but hopefully, this short list will get you thinking about it. No small business should have to do every job it takes to run a company without help, so take advantage of these types of resources. Make it happen!

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