Thursday, August 15, 2013

Should I Update or Customize My Packaging?

When you receive a package in the mail, more often than not in comes in a white padded envelope or brown box, right? If it’s been a month since you placed the order, you might squint at the package in confusion and wonder: Where is this from again? It used to be that standard UPS boxes were the norm, customized packaging was rare, and personal touches didn’t matter too much. In 2013, more and more small businesses and big companies alike are creating stand-out, unique packaging for orders shipped out to their customers. It doesn’t stop there—some businesses are personalizing everything, in store and for shipping, from tissue paper to receipts. So do you need to customize your packaging to stay in the game?

The answer is it certainly can’t hurt; it can only help you to be memorable in the customer’s mind. The packaging doesn’t have to be elaborate and sometimes less is more. Adding stylish details such as a label with sketches that represent your products can do the trick. Sometimes bold colors with the company logo are the best route to go, or depending on the type of products you carry, you may want to add embellishments such as ribbons, beads, or trinkets. The key is to choose elements that match your industry, use for the product, and that fit your budget and brand.

Packaging sells and some customers, myself included, have chosen one product over another product because of the packaging extras included with the item. When it comes to packaging for mailing, the new concept is for the customer to feel like they are receiving a gift (even if the product is something practical such as a new doorknob). If you have the budget, you might want to outsource this to a graphic design or marketing company who can create a whole line of packaging ideas for you. For brainstorming, look on sites such as Etsy and Pinterest to get you started. Make it happen!

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