Friday, April 26, 2013

The Person You Talk to for No Reason

Have you ever heard the expression “You are only as successful as the person you talk to for no reason”? That profound statement has some truth to it. For a small business, sometimes the least obvious interactions can provide a huge partnership, deal, or sale. You never know where the next big opportunity is going to come from. So what does this expression mean and how you can keep it in mind for future interactions?

Start with the people you interact with regularly for short periods of time: the barista at Starbucks who makes your latte, the server at your favorite restaurant, the cashier at the grocery store, etc. Of course, most of the time, you will end up with only what you expected-- your purchase--but if you keep an open mind and give them the attention and respect they deserve, you might find yourself talking business with them or at least building a positive reputation as a professional. Then there are those people you know but not well: church members, sports team coaches, school officials, parents of your child’s friends. These people may be even more receptive to hearing about how your business is going and any opportunities for them to get involved if they come up. The newest employee, someone who works outside of your department, or a contractor that comes in on a short term basis are all people you may talk to for “no reason”, but they can have valuable insights and opinions for you that you should consider.

Your success is up to you, but people can have an impact on it. What some people do affects what you do, so look at their success and appreciate it. Do not take their service to you and their interactions with you for granted. Even if no business comes from these encounters, at the very least, you will be setting an example to aspire to or brighten their day. Read that phrase at the beginning again and make it happen!

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