Friday, December 21, 2012

Cuz You’ve Got Personality!

Any smart small business owner knows the many varieties of marketing materials you can use to give your business a voice—your website, email campaigns, brochures, business cards, and vehicle wraps to name a few. But what some people don’t know is that the tone of your marketing materials is just as important as how visually attractive and informative they are. Whether your business is new or you’re updating your marketing package, make sure you connect emotionally to your customers and show them who you really are, cuz you’ve got personality!

A newsletter is a great way to do this because you can show your customer specific events and promotions you have done recently. The photographs you can include combined with the use of names and quotes will tell the customer what kind of business you run: friendly, influential, dedicated, etc. It will also make your people seem more genuine when they can refer to a few names.

When you write copy for any marketing material, write as though you were having a face to face conversation with a customer. Write in second person (you) and tell them specifically why you can help them. When appropriate, relate your interests to the services you provide. (“My love of basketball gave me the idea to open this training center.”)

Change things up every now and then. While it’s good to have certain go-to graphics such as your logo and company colors, update staff photos and images of your location every so often (once a year or whenever a significant change has been made). This will ensure that customers feel “in the loop” and know what’s going on at all times. The extra attention in this area will pay off because it will lead customers to believe that you work that hard in everything your company does—and of course you do, right?

Make it happen!

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